Friday, July 1, 2022

The Best Dispensary Labels – Wholesale Bulk Strain Labels for Jars

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Trying to find the right label for your dispensary or brand is hard. Most start with looking for free printable strain labels and looking up warning label text.

This often leads down a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of. The growing complexity of laws and regulations for each state has made this a huge undertaking.

Most people are overwhelmed by the time they have figured out what exactly they need to include on the label to be compliant.

This is only a small fraction of the battle. Next up is trying to locate an affordable solution to buy or make the label and finally get a design that properly represents your brand.

This is why Dragon Chewer is proving to be the best place to buy dispensary or cannabis medical labels. Dragon Chewer has a massive catalog of wholesale bulk THC strain labels or stickers pre printed at discounted prices.

Additionally, they take all the hard work out of the process for you. The labels include compliant text that is state specific and universal symbols for each state.

Not enough? They offer thermal labels so you can directly print your information on with a simple desktop thermal printer. Lastly, they are the best source for warning THC tamper evident labels.

The generic line has tamper evident labels for each strain (hybrid, indica and sativa). These are a must to keep your products organized and have a proper presentation for the consumer. I highly recommend you browse the line of labels below.Best cannabis packaging

Here are some of the states they cover:

Missing from the list? Looking for custom labels? Well you’re not alone and they have a solution for you. Dragon Chewer offers custom designed labels for each packaging container or bottle they carry.Best cannabis labeling

Rx strain labels are not all the same. Strain labels for bags, pop tops and pre roll packaging can be dramatically different in quality and finish. It’s important to have someone guide you to the result you want.

Dragon Chewer has custom made templates for all products to ensure you do not get bubbles, it lines up correctly on the container and has the exact look or finish you set out to achieve.

The prices are outstanding and the quality of the labels is unmatched. Unlike most of the stores for labels, they show you the price right on the listing. If you browse the “custom packaging” part of the website you can find all the custom stickers they offer.

They also have great resources for you to learn about what exactly you need on the label. The sales team is very quick to guide you to the correct templates, verbiage and requirements as you start the process.

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