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Summer Road Trip With Cannabis: 5 Tips for a Memorable Experience

The legalization of cannabis in several American states has changed its reputation from a recreational substance to a wellness aid. The legal status is also great news for medical and recreational consumers. As long as you follow the state-specific guidelines, you can rely on your favorite products for medicinal benefits and stress-free recreational sessions.

According to recent statistics, medical cannabis is legal in 38 US states, while recreational use is permissible in 23 states. That translates into millions of legit users in the country. With so many consumers endorsing the safety and efficacy of cannabis products, you can use them without second thoughts. Try them at home or pack them along for a vacation while traveling to a legal destination.

With road trips being a summer favorite, you will surely want to know about planning one this season. The good thing is that you can travel with cannabis, provided you follow the rules, choose a legit route, and steer clear of driving under the influence.

Here are a few practical tips for planning a memorable summer road trip with cannabis.

Choose Your Destination and Route Wisely

Whether you drive to a nearby town or travel cross-country, you must plan your route before embarking on a road trip. Check the maps, decide on the rest stops, and read about the road conditions to chart a safe route for a smooth ride. When traveling with cannabis, go the extra mile with research. The last thing you want is legal trouble for carrying it through a state that doesn’t legalize it.

Another reason to choose a legal route is that you can stock up on your stash if you run out of supplies along the way. But remember to carry your ID card because you will need it to validate your age at a dispensary or store. Also, check the state-specific rules regarding the quantity you can buy and possess legally.

Be Watchful About the State Lines

While planning your route for a cannabis road trip, you must be watchful about the state lines. Crossing them can get you in trouble, even if cannabis is legal on both sides. You may not be stopped along the way, but it is better to stay ahead of the risk. Never cross an international border with your stash, so don’t plan a cross-country road trip with your stash.

You can still enjoy your vacation by skipping home-grown products and stocking up at your destination. All you need to do is Google search for a legit seller in the area, check their product catalogs, and go through the buyer reviews to find a reliable supplier.

Experiment With Diverse Products

Making your cannabis road trip memorable is about experimenting with diverse products.  As a consumer, you can expect to be spoiled for choice because of the endless options in brands and products in the market. From vapes to tinctures, edibles, drinks, concentrates, and topical products, there’s a lot you can play with.

According to nuEra dispensaries, a vacation is a great time to try new products because you have plenty of time to absorb the experience. Always stick with top-quality products from reputable brands when it comes to experimentation. Also, start slow with small doses to see how your body responds to a new variant.

Pack Your Stash Discreetly

Storing the pungent raw cannabis buds can be challenging because their telltale odor is distinctive enough to raise an alarm. Even when crossing a legal route, you will surely want to keep your stock under wraps. The best piece of advice is to pack your stash discreetly, wrapped in a few layers of plastic, and tucked under your luggage.

Also, keep the bags in the trunk instead of the car seats because you don’t want cops to sniff the smell in the car if they stop you randomly. As a rule, no one should be smoking or high on edibles while on the road. Focus on having a good time and enjoying the lovely locales. You can enjoy a session in your hotel room later.

Be Safe on the Road

That’s an unspoken rule of a road trip because safety matters the most for drivers and passengers. You must follow the road rules, stick with defensive driving, and never go beyond the speed limit. Breaking these rules means you may get into an accident or be stopped by the police.  Both ways, you may get into trouble for driving around with cannabis.

Have a couple of designated drivers committed to staying sober throughout the road trip. It ensures safety from the bumps on the road and surprise checks by the police. Keep vaping or edibles out of the picture if driving solo.

Wrapping Up

A road trip with cannabis promises to be a unique experience, but you need to ensure that you limit your sessions to the hotel room. Even if your passengers want to indulge, stick with a discreet method like edibles or tinctures. Most importantly, avoid unwanted attention and legal hassles to stay safe and have fun.

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