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Bubbler Water Pipes: Factors to Check When Buying One

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Connoisseurs of cannabis know that not all methods are equal for smoking. Some might choose a joint or a pipe, while others might prefer the convenience and discretion provided by a vaporizer.

However, one method has been quietly gaining ground in recent years: The bubbler water pipe. It is a type of pipe that has been around for many years. Smokers historically used the pipe as an alternative to joints and bongs.

Although bubblers are more affordable and easy to use, they offer a smoking experience that can be just as enjoyable as smoking is with some of the best bongs on the market. Many serious smokers own bubblers for use as a standard pipe or as a backup if their main piece breaks.

Here is all about the factors you need to consider when buying a bubbler.

1) Choosing the Right Type of Bubbler

When choosing a bubbler, one of the first things to consider is what type you need. There are two main bubbler types: Fixed and removable downstems.

Fixed downstems tend to be smaller and more affordable than removable ones, but they may present specific difficulties. If the fixed stem gets clogged or damaged, this means you have to replace the whole bubbler.

If you buy a bubbler with a removable down stem, you can replace the part when it gets damaged and save yourself some money in the process.


2) What is the Mouthpiece Made of?

Like any other piece, the mouthpiece of a bubbler marks its most crucial part. How you inhale from the bubbler depends on how comfortable you use your mouth to draw the smoke into it. Regardless, make sure that the mouthpiece is made from high-quality heat-resistant glass.


3) How Wide is the Base?

You can measure the base of a bubbler in millimeters (mm). Although the size of the bubbler’s mouthpiece and its volume play an essential role, too, it is still relevant to consider how extensive the base is.

A broader base means that you can take bigger hits and exhale bigger clouds of smoke which is often more fun. Bigger bubbles also mean that you can enjoy more prolonged highs without having to go through the process of refilling the bubbler with water.


4) The Shape of the Bubbler

Bubbler water pipe comes in different shapes; some are long while others are short or even squat shaped. The form of the bubbler is less important than its size when it comes to comfort, but many people like specific shapes more than others.


5) The Volume of the Water Chamber

People measure the volume of bubblers in cubic centimeters (cc), and it indicates how many milliliters of water can be held by the bubbler.

Remember that there is no perfect volume that works for everyone, but in general, if you are not looking for an expensive bubbler, then look for one with a lower volume.

If you plan to take big hits and maximum comfort is not of primary concern, then look for one of medium size.


6) How Often Will You Use Your Bubbler?

If you plan to use your bubbler only occasionally, it might be more practical to get something smaller and cheaper that can easily fit in your pocket. If you plan on having it as your main piece, then make sure to choose something of a more significant size with a removable down stem for easy cleaning.


Wrapping Up

Water Pipes are great for people who want an affordable alternative to expensive bongs and expect their smoking experience to be convenient, reliable, and hard-hitting. The above tips will help you understand the factors to consider when buying a bubbler and help you know what smoking accessories work best for your unique smoking habits.

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