Wednesday, June 29, 2022

3 Things Parents Need to Know About CBD Before Giving It to Their Children

Is CBD safe to give to kids? Here are three things you should know before you do.

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CBD, short of cannabidiol, is a widely popular substance being used to treat various medical conditions. Despite its growing popularity in the medical region, there are a lot of concerns over its use, mainly because it is extracted from the Hemp or the marijuana plant.

As it is extracted from cannabis, most people think that it is just another drug and stay away from it. In this article, I am going to provide you with facts rather than opinions so that parents know everything there is to know about CBD before giving it to their children.

What is CBD Oil?

First of all, you are going to need to understand CBD, how it is consumed and what the benefits are. As mentioned before, CBD can be extracted from Hemp or marijuana, but each of them contains their specific properties. The difference between Hemp and marijuana is found in the amount of resin both plants contain. Naturally, the more the plant resin, the more CBD is found inside it.

Generally, Hemp is a low-resin plant, and marijuana is a resin-rich plant. But, CBD isn’t the only thing that is found within the resin as you also get THC from it. For those who don’t know, the difference between CBD and THC is that the former has no intoxicating properties, but the later is known for the high that smoking marijuana gives.

What Are the Benefits of CBD For Children?

Parents laud CBD because it treats some of the most prevalent conditions in children like anxiety, hyperactivity, and autism. While the research does look very promising, CBD is still being tested to determine how safe and effective it is.

However, a group of Israeli researchers has been working on CBD for quite some time and exploring the use of CBD to reduce some of the common medical conditions in children like autism, etc. According to the study, a test was conducted on a group of 60 children. All of them showed great signs of improvement when it came to behavioral outbreaks, anxiety, autism, and stress levels.

There has also been a great boom in research around CBD and its product in the US as FDA has approved Epidiolex, the first CBD-based drug. It seems as if with more research and time, CBD will be used to make more and more drugs and treat multiple medical conditions around the world.

What Are the Safety Concerns About CBD?

While there are endless benefits of using CBD, there are a lot of concerns about its use, especially in children. Some people say that you can never trust CBD products because vendors are constantly delivering products with inconsistencies regarding the dosage of CBD. Moreover, they also say that right now, there isn’t much information regarding CBD, and we still don’t know how it affects the body in the long run. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that to prove anything; you must provide concrete facts. With so little research around CBD, it’s uncertain at this time if the benefits outweigh the concerns.

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