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Cortney Smith: Creating Advanced Vaporizers that Lead in Safety and Innovation

Cortney Smith is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DaVinci, @DaVinciVape, a national advanced vaporizer technology brand that leads the industry in safety and innovation.

His role includes directing the overall operations and resources of the company, establishing long-range strategy and initiatives, and spearheading the development of new products.

In this Q&A, Cortney shares with us his background, how he created DaVinci, what makes DaVinci products unique, the benefits of low-temperature consumption, and the technology behind the next generation innovative vape, the ICQ. The interview also covers their clean first technology, rapid charging, safety, and innovation in their vaporizers.

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Ganjly: What is your background? Can you explain where/how the idea behind DaVinci’s product was born? When was it founded?

Cortney Smith: In 2010, I entered a joint venture with a Chinese company to make e-cigarette hardware and batteries. With what I learned from that project, I could see some unique opportunities for cannabis and in 2011 DaVinci was born. I wanted to create a portable vaporizer designed for loose-leaf with precision temperature control and most importantly, offer a new outlook on cannabis by providing access to specific cannabinoids.

Can you briefly explain DaVinci’s unique product offerings? What’s the most popular product?

The IQ2 is the first vaporizer to introduce on-device dosage control for tracking consumption without the need for a separate app or proprietary cartridges.

Our most popular products right now are the dosage pods and dosage pod holder kit. We always say a clean vape is a happy vape; our pods are our way of keeping your oven clean while providing the ability to pre-measure dosage and stay sesh ready when you’re on the go.

What’s the most important thing for consumers to know about DaVinci?

When it comes to cannabis consumption, people want reliability, safety, purity, innovation and control. These things have never been a given in the cannabis industry until DaVinci.

We’ve built our brand on intelligent features that prioritize the consumer, superior design and responsible manufacturing. We originally set out to change the cannabis industry, and DaVinci products have raised the standard for both the cannabis industry and consumer technology as a whole.

Tell us more about your clean first technology, the new IQC and what are the benefits of vaping with the IQC? How does it differ from other vapes in the market?

The DaVinci Clean First™ Technology sets us apart from any other vaporizer company. Our heat-not-burn oven delicately warms your herb or concentrate while the Zirconia vapor path cools your vapor, which provides a 50% cooler vapor experience than any other vaporizer product on the market.

We also offer Smart Paths™ Technology which allows you to precisely control your device’s temperature range.

The new IQC features advanced temperature control, app connectivity, a replaceable battery and USB Type-C charging, which enables the device to rapidly charge and power up your phone on the go.

Additionally, it has an antimicrobial polymer mouthpiece and a sealed zirconia/glass airpath built with no metals or plastics, ensuring the most sanitary experience possible.

The IQC allows the consumer to vape at lower temperatures, what are the benefits of low-temperature consumption?

Vaping at a lower temperature allows consumers to preserve the flower which ensures they are getting the most out of the consumption experience with better flavor and cooler vapor.

Consumers will have the option to target specific terpenes and cannabinoids that reach their boiling point at extremely low temperatures such as the CBG cannabinoid which has a boiling point of 126°F, or Ocimene which has a boiling point of 150°F.

Targeting specific terpenes and cannabinoids can provide the consumer with a subdued, yet very fulfilling and long-lasting effect.

How do you continue evolving to meet consumers’ needs?

Through consumer feedback as well as awareness of the cannabis and tech industries. DaVinci is known for pure innovation and we’ll continue to innovate the cleanest vaporizers with optimal control capabilities.

Where do you hope to see DaVinci ten years in the future?

Our goal is for everyone to know the DaVinci brand— that is how we can truly help others to consume cannabis in the cleanest, healthiest way possible. We will continue offering our patented technologies within our devices, and grow as a company to truly set the standard for the vaporizer market.

Thank you, Cortney, for doing the interview. Get the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer here and use the special code GANJLY20 to get a 20% discount on all purchases made in the site – DaVinci Website

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