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Greg Autry: Manufacturing Solvent-less Extracted, Heat-Pressed Hemp

Established in 2014, Sweet Sensi, founded by Greg Autry is a family-owned, all-natural CBD company. They are truly unique when it comes to extracting CBD as it is solvent-less. Based in Austin, TX, they use a heat press to squeeze CBD out of the hemp flower in the form of live rosin. Check their extraction video at the end of this interview.

They control every step in the production process from seed-to-sale to ensure quality, consistency, and efficacy in each product. We interview Greg Autry, the founder of Sweet Sensi CBD.

What was your background before coming to the CBD space and what inspired you to create Sweet Sensi CBD?

Greg Autry: Our industry experience is extensive and began nearly 25 years ago. First and foremost I am a cultivator. This is my passion and where I excel most. I have competed in numerous competitions around the country and was recognized as the Highest THC Concentration at the 2016 Chalice Cup for a strain I bred called LoneStar Kush.

Prior to Sweet Sensi CBD, I ran a large indoor cultivation facility in Southern California. In our 10k sqft facility, my team and I built a recirculating deep water culture system where we grew numerous strains over the years as well as bred our own.

I have consulted for hundreds of other cultivation facilities throughout the years both on-site and remotely. For nearly a decade I was the moderator for several well-respected cultivation forums. It was through this work I acquired much of my knowledge about the industry, the plant itself, and extraction methodologies.

Sweet Sensi CBD was created because there is an enormous opportunity to help people by providing a superior product at a fair price. Our mission is to empower people to live their best lives and I unequivocally believe we are accomplishing this one product at the time.

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What is unique about Sweet Sensi CBD and what makes the extraction process different?

Greg Autry: We are unique in several capacities; we are truly vertically integrated, we use a solvent-less extraction method, and we hand produce our end products in small craft batches.

1. Vertical integration – we are growing our hemp, extracting the entire plant, and hand producing the end product. No one outside of the Sweet Sensi team touches any aspect of our plant or products. This ensures everything we produce meets our uncompromising standards of quality, consistency, and efficacy.

2. Solventless Extraction – we use a mechanical extraction process similar to the way fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed. We press our hemp flower at a very specific temperature and pressure and the result of which is a substance called ‘rosin’. This is truly the most natural and complete form of extraction on the planet.

3. Craft Products – every ingredient we use in our products is certified organic. We have meticulously groomed our list of suppliers to make sure their products meet our uncompromising standards of purity, consistency, and efficacy. 

Why is it better than the popular CO2 extraction process?

Greg Autry: CO2 extraction is not as “clean” or “pure” as often claimed. Have you actually seen the end to end process of extracting CBD with CO2? Most people have not and that is intentional on the part of the companies doing the extraction.

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My biggest issue with CO2 extraction is that it uses a chemical reaction to separate the CBD from the other compounds within the plant. In doing so, you are no longer delivering the entire profile of the plant as nature intended.

The hemp plant is incredibly complicated and has over 100 known cannabinoids as well as dozens of terpenes. It is the interaction of these compounds that produces the “entourage effect”. By definition, a CO2 extracted isolate has no terpenes and many cannabinoids have been stripped out.

What are the different products in your CBD line? Where can they buy your products?

Greg Autry: We have an extensive line of products ranging from edibles, topical, to pet-specific. Our products can be purchased online via our e-commerce website. We also white-label our products to a very select set of brands that mirror our values and intent.

Can you share tips as to what consumers must look out for when shopping CBD products?

Greg Autry: Unfortunately, the list of what consumers should look out for is longer than we believe it should be. Our hope is that our industry adopts more regulation to force others in the market to comply with reasonable standards or transparency and integrity. We strive to bring radical transparency to this market.

While we believe there is a place for broad-spectrum CBD, it simply is not as effective as full-spectrum. This claim is both objective and empirical.

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We encourage consumers to look for things such as:

  • Where was the hemp grown? Is it listed anywhere? Is it a single strain or an aggregate of products from numerous farms?
  • How was the CBD extracted? How forthcoming is the company about the process?
  • Are there current and visible COA’s associated with the product?
  • Do these COAs show testing solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and terpenes?

What feedback did you get from your customers on how Sweet Sensi CBD has helped them?

Greg Autry: Our products are empowering customers to live their best life; whether that be better sleep, fewer aches and pains, reduced anxiety, or calmer pets. We have grown tremendously simply through word of mouth which is a testament to our customers’ devotion to the brand.

Our mission as a company is to help people feel their best while conducting our business with the utmost integrity and transparency along the way.

Our customers appreciate this about us and are vocal advocates for our brand. Because we are in the business to truly help people the feedback we receive on a daily basis is hands down the best part of my day and it propels us to continue this mission.

Thank you for taking the time to do the interview, Greg! This is the first time we heard about a CBD company extracting oil without using solvents. To know more about Greg and the company, head on over to Sweet Sensi. Below is a video on how they extract CBD using a heat press.

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