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Growing Auto Flower Strains Outdoors

The cannabis industry is saturated with a lot of terms that every competent grower must master to ensure a smooth cultivation process. One such popular term is the auto-flowering strain which is usually pitted against its photoperiod counterpart. 

Auto-flower pot seeds as their name suggests are strains that commence their budding phase naturally. A more specific way to put it is that they are strains that do not require a strict lighting regimen like photoperiod strains to initiate their flowering cycle. Read on to find out more about the intricacies of grooming this cultivar outdoors. 

All you need to know about growing Auto-flowering strains outdoors (facts, tips, and preventive measures)

Growing auto flower strains outdoors is cheaper

As mentioned above, grooming photoperiod seeds require a good amount of investment in LED lights and electricity bills which makes it an expensive option. Also, the grower has to be adept at changing light schedules to ensure maximum quality yields. Hence, this option might not be appropriate for a novice grower as it requires a decent level of technical know-how. 

Growing auto-flowering seeds outdoors on the other hand only requires exposure to sunlight. One benefit of grooming this strain is that growers can witness multiple harvests in a calendar year as a result of its rapid growth cycle of 8-12 weeks. As a result of their short and stocky stature, usually not more than 2 feet, this cultivar can be grown discreetly outdoors. They can also thrive in small outdoor spaces as a result of their stature. Little wonder, that cannabis growers deck their balconies and terraces with this cultivar.  

The promise of more yield

According to Herbies, cultivating your auto flower seeds outdoors increases your chances of being rewarded with an abundant yield. Usually, the yield ranges from 25 to 150 grams per plant when grown outdoors. However, you can be rewarded with bigger yields if you pick a strain with such genetic tendencies. Strains like Stardawg, Gorilla Glue, and Paradise Pandora produce significantly higher yields. 

Less room for mistakes

It is no news that the vegetative phase is the formative period of a cannabis plant’s growth cycle. Hence, growers need to exhibit a great amount of caution when dealing with this strain particularly concerning potting. 

Since it has a short vegetative phase of 5 weeks, this cultivar is less tolerant of mistakes. Hence, you should use a well-sized pot that would be used throughout the plant’s growth cycle. Using a smaller pot with the intention that the plant would be repotted when it has grown bigger is disastrous. This is because doing this might cause transplant shock which leads to stunted growth. 

Don’t drown your plant 

Like most plants, this outdoor groomed cultivar requires a sufficient amount of water to thrive. However, growers in a bid to maximize the benefits of consistent watering should not overflood their plants. This is because doing this strips oxygen from the root of your plant making the plant oxygen starved. This deficiency is usually manifested by droopy yellowish leaves. To prevent overwatering growers should ensure that their watering decisions are informed by the weather conditions of their surroundings. For instance, growers residing in dry climes would do a significantly higher amount of watering than a grower residing in areas with regular rainfall. 

Use breathable pots 

Also, a grower must make use of a pot that is made of breathable materials or pots with holes at their bases to ensure efficient drainage. In addition to this, a grower should figure out the pot size that would be appropriate for the strains to be cultivated as the pot size influences watering and plant space.  For instance, medium-sized plants need a 5 to 7 US gal pot that can contain about 19 to 26 liters of water. On the other hand, large ones need an 11 US gal pot that contains 42 liters of water. 

Growers are advised to make use of pots in growing their auto-flowering seeds as they have zero control over the nutrient concentration of the soil. Apart from the level of control that it gives the grower, breathable pots allow the plant to be easily transplanted from one location to another in cases of harsh weather.  

Soil type

For the soil type, an aerated and slightly acidic soil with a PH level of 5.5-6.5 would ensure that your plants grow healthily. Using a soil medium without the optimal PH levels means that your plant would be prevented from absorbing the nutrients necessary for its growth. 

Protect your plant 

It is imperative to mention that if your auto-flowering strains are cultivated in an open space, you should do well to shield the area using barbed wires to prevent trespassers, rodents, and other animals from gaining entry. While the cultivation of cannabis in some countries is legal, people who stay in regions with strict cannabis legislation should ensure that they adopt practices that would prevent them from having a situation with the law. 

It is no news that cannabis loves making its presence known through its aroma or extensive branches which may attract public attention. A solution to this is planting crops that have strong smells to mask the aroma of cannabis plants. The latter problem is usually encountered by people growing in spaces like balconies where the branches of the plant may stretch out. With the low-stress training technique, which involves bending and tying the plants’ stems growers can train their plants to grow closer to the ground. One benefit of this technique is that it increases bud potential. 


In Summary

Cultivating auto-flowering seeds outdoors can be a walk in the park as long as the grower follows basic industry grooming practices. The fact that this cannabis variety has a high resistance to pests and insects, makes it easier to cultivate as you do not have to squander money on pesticides or pest control methods. To simplify the entire process from cultivation to harvesting, it is important to purchase your seeds from a trusted seed bank or dealer who would offer you viable auto-flowering seeds with the best genetics.

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