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AnnaBis Review: Odor Proof Luxury Purse for the Cannabis Gals

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AnnaBis Luxury Handbags

starts at $95



Performance and Efficiency












What We Love

  • AromaBloc technology - smell proof purse
  • Stylish and classy design
  • Great quality materials used
  • A lot of compartments in the bag
  • Zipper is virtually unnoticeable
  • High End Handbags and Purses


  • Pricey but well worth it
  • Maybe larger purses next time?

The AnnaBis bags are the only odor-proof luxury purses that are specially made for the cannabis ladies. @AnnaBisStyle

The AnnaBis purses are made of the finest quality material and come with a purple storage pouch.

The designs are sexy, classic and amazing. The material used feels luxurious and very durable.

We think this is the only purse for the stylish, high-end cannabis women!

Today we are reviewing, the distinctive styles of the following AnnaBis bags – AnnaBis Maya, the AnnaBis Riri, and the Lady G.

We placed a joint and some buds in a container, placed it in each of the purses and left the herbs there for a week. The images you see below are the items that fit inside the purses.

The result? No smell can be detected from the exterior of the purse even after a week.

So their AromaBloc technology really works. All zippers are airtight and prevent the weed smell from coming out.

We totally love that unique feature. It is discreet to secure your cannabis and looks like a regular high-end purse.

What we want to see though are larger purses.

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AnnaBis Maya, $125

annabis purse

The Maya is a very fashionable clutch handbag for the cannabis gal. Because of its size, you can toss this bag in a tote or easily hold it in your hand.

It gives you easy access to your herbs. It additionally has a protected outer stash.

Two interior Aroma-Bloc zippered compartments keep even the strongest-smells contained, making it convenient for you to keep your cannabis privately.

The Maya is a mind-blowing purse. It is also great for going out at night and clubbing.

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AnnaBis Riri, $95

annabis bags

The AnnaBis Riri, although very littler than the Maya clutch handbag, has a similar high-end feeling and the exterior is made of beautiful leather.

The design of this purse looks so good that no one will even think about what’s inside it.

This purse was designed for vaporizers and smaller stashes. The elegant exterior is classy enough for a night out at the Opera.

It has an all-around Aroma-Bloc zippered case with an additional Aroma-Bloc divider inside it that makes it more functionally discrete.

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Annabis Lady G, $245

annabis handbag

The Lady G is a beautiful crossbody bag that transforms into a waist bag with a simple clasp of the strap.

This bag has a mobile phone compartment, two Aroma-Bloc zippered compartments with gusseted pockets.

There is a secret compartment in this purse. Lift up the main compartment and you can see a zippered compartment.

This is the place to hide your stash from nosy friends or families.

The image below is when we lifted the first flappy compartment and now you can see the secret zippered compartment.

annabis purse

We think the most important feature of the Lady G is its AnnaBís Odor-Loc technology which consists of odor-blocking layers of resin film used in the food, medical and electronics industries.

This construction is durable, flexible, lightweight and heat resistant. It’s additionally sealed with an airtight zipper tote bag which prevents the cannabis scent from leaving your bag. This is our favorite purse out of all their purses.

The Maya, Riri and Lady G are durable, perfectly made, and certainly, high-end purses which are developed exclusively for the female cannabis consumers.

We highly recommend getting one or if you are a dude reading this, AnnaBis purses would be the perfect gift for your woman.

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To know more and buy these stylish, luxury handbags, head on over to the Annabis website.

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