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Book Review of This Bud’s for You by Ed Rosenthal: A Wealth of New Buds Information

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This Bud’s for You, @edrosenthal – Legal Marijuana: Selecting, Growing & Enjoying Cannabis is by cannabis legend, Ed Rosenthal who presents his views on the cutting edge of the cannabis trend.

This book gives out a wealth of new buds information about the cannabis industry. Ed Rosenthal shares his expertise about cannabis with new information and fifty hottest new strains.  This Bud’s for You presents Rosenthal’s next view on the cutting edge of cannabis trends. Get this awesome book, here.


Ed Rosenthal is renowned as the world’s best expert on cannabis and in his latest book “This Bud’s for you,” he shares his experience with those people who love cannabis.

Someone who wants to grow or consume cannabis will find information about the plants, their effects, the products and new trends related to it. The paperback version of this book is available at $26.95.

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About This Bud’s For You

Ed Rosenthal has written many books on the different cannabis strains earlier and in this book he shares his experience with people who have fought for the legalization of cannabis.

Ed also discussed about the concentrates that included hi-tech extracts to artisanal hash, different career opportunities for the cannabis industry, different cannabis strains that their specific effects and about breeding new strains.

This Bud’s for You also discusses the new cannabis strains that are created by both the commercial as well as hobbyist growers. This Bud’s for You mentions about the fifty new cutting edge strains that will bring a new wave in the world of cannabis.

Ed also dedicates a section on how dispensary buyers make their selections and talks about the micro as well as the macro aspect of cannabis. From commercial cultivation to trichome resin glands, this book covers it all.

Book Details

Publisher: Quick American Archives a division of Quick Trading Co, U.S.

Paperback version: 224 pages

Language: English

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Who should read this book?

This book starts with praising the cannabis lovers who have fought tooth and nail for legalizing cannabis in the United States.

Ed Rosenthal is considered as an expert of marijuana all over the world and in this book he shares his expertise for some new strains of cannabis.

If you want to know about the new varieties of cannabis available commercially and how they will have their impact, This Bud’s for You will be your perfect companion.

You can know how the classic varieties were crossed for getting the new strains.

Apart from that if you are looking for tips and ideas from an expert like Ed Rosenthal this book is your ultimate guide. You will get technical advice from the breeders, and learn how to compare strains.

It teaches you how to judge marijuana and compare the strains. The book not only deals with the breeding of cannabis but it goes beyond describing the future of the cannabis industry. This book is fresh and at the same time eclectic.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to books about the cannabis industry from Ed Rosenthal, there is no doubt that it will be full of information and this book is no deviation from that.

We highly recommend reading this book if you are looking for new topics and information about cannabis.

There are 50 cutting-edge strains included in This Bud’s for You. Aside from that, this book is full of relevant information on new trends in the cannabis industry. The photos featured in this book are breathtaking and clear!

This books is for people who enjoy marijuana — consuming and growing — including information about the plant, its effects, new trends and products, and the emerging industry.

It details new varieties commercially available with breeders giving their perspective on the hottest new strains and how classic varieties were crossed to create them.

These are strains sold at local dispensaries in the form of bud, edibles, and concentrates.

Some stores also sell seeds and clones. Seeds for these strains are available worldwide online.

It’s also filled with tips and ideas from expert insiders: technical advice from the breeders, ways to judge marijuana and compare strains, and insights on how dispensary buyers make their selections.

This Bud’s for You goes from micro to macro looks at the world’s favorite flower, zooming from large-scale commercial cultivation to the vital essences of trichome resin glands.

Along the way, it covers product trends and emerging science, from the role of terpenes in creating marijuana’s high to the evolution of scientific extraction methods and the revival of artisanal hash-making techniques.


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