Have you tried accurately dosed cannabis edibles? 1906 @1906NewHighs created 10mg THC-dosed peanut butter cups.

Bliss Cups will provide you with a euphoric high and make you feel better. In each chocolate cup it contains 5.14 mg THC and 5.02 mg CBD.

It is packaged in a child resistant plastic box and at first try, we even had a hard time figuring out how to open it. Each package contains two Bliss Cups.

1906, from Colorado has created another yummy cannabis edible.

1906 produces richly mixed chocolates that taste extraordinary, have small and expected doses and are attentively made to give you an assortment of desired impacts. 

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Available in milk chocolate and dark milk chocolate, all of 1906’s chocolates are produced using the most astounding quality ingredients with innovation that gets rid of any cannabis bitter flavor.

1906 utilizes exact, low doses intended to make you high in no time, which means you’ll be feeling the effects 15-20 minutes after you consume it. We tried it and it worked in 20 minutes. 

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Are you experiencing depressive episodes? If yes, then Bliss Cups might just be the solution for you.

You will definitely appreciate using them, particularly for this reason. It makes you happy.

If you want to uncover your true self then Bliss, peanut butter cups is the perfect solution for you. Bliss Cups will fill you with a joyful mood. 

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One of most ideal approach to appreciating a Bliss Cup is to have one after supper.

It gives you a smooth and euphoric feel. It chills you out and relaxes you for bedtime.

The other part of their ingredients contains diverse medicinal plants with varying origins.

If you are looking for a happy pill then you should definitely try 1906’s Bliss Cups, and you will truly love them. Bliss made us smile.

Overall, they are delicious with no bitter cannabis taste. They are accurately dosed in each cup. And the effects you feel are delightful.

Go to 1906newhighs.com for more information. 

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