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Blue Moon Hemp Vape Juice Review: The Essence of Goodness in an E-liquid

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Blue Moon Hemp












What We Love

  • The flavors are delicious
  • Lower price compared to other CBD vapes in the market
  • Hemp is sourced from Eastern Europe
  • Whole plant extract
  • Very pure and good amount of CBD in each bottle


  • None

As legalization movement continues to spread everywhere, more herb products @proteambrady are introduced into the market.

The range of CBD products is becoming endless, with CBD e-liquid vape juice among the new ones.

Blue Moon Hemp’s vape juices are one of them.


FLAN – CBD 200mg – Half Moon
Bottled in U.S.A. 30 ml / 200 mg CBD


Herb enthusiasts say this vape juice to crème brûlée. Laced with caramel, this pure extract is marked with efficiency and precision, allowing the body to have more than 60 cannabinoids as well as more than 400 phytonutrients to give maximum benefits to your health and wellness.

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The extract uses plant-only vegetable glycerin as well as a bio-based propylene glycol to give you the tastiest, cleanest, and purest CBD Hemp Vape oil available on the market at the moment.

This is our favorite e-liquid because it is very delicious. We love the flan flavor.


RED DEVIL – CBD 100mg – Quarter Moon
Bottled in U.S.A. 30 ml / 100 mg CBD
Weight – .28 lbs


Red Devil offers a delicious blend of vanilla and strawberry with slight hints of mango and tangerine. Like Flan, it offers more than 60 cannabinoids and more than 400 phytonutrients that can help promote healthy benefits to your body.

It also uses bio-based propylene glycol and plant-only vegetable glycerin to give cannabis enthusiasts not only the tastiest but also purest as well as cleanest CBD Hemp Vape oil currently on the market.


Our Final Thoughts

These two products are created by the company with the use of organically-responsible hemp that is farmed using eco-sustainable methods.

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The company boasts of having the purest as well as the most bio-available cannabidiol available on the market. When you use Blue Moon Hemp every day, you allow the body to look for its natural balance.

At the same time, these products allow you to enjoy wellness as well as good energy.

Blue Moon Hemp oil is being offered as a healthy dietary supplement.

But, depending on the illness or medical condition that you have, it is advised that you start your own research with the use of various resources including PubMed and take up a regimen as prescribed by your specialist.

The products are sold as dietary supplements, so the company does not make any claims that it can solve or cure any illness you have or any medical condition.

Blue Moon Hemp offers enthusiasts with quality CBD Oil at a good price, allowing regular consumers to purchase these wellness supplements.

Its products are a result of gathering the best researchers as well as laboratory partners to give enthusiasts something they can use every day for their health and wellness without making a major dent in their wallet.

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Blue Moon Hemp Oil costs about a third or 33 percent lower compared with its competitors available on the market at the moment.

Try these products for their quality and affordability. For us, it is a good replacement for nicotine vaping. I mean if you are going to vape, might as well be a healthy CBD e-liquid right?

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