DGK G Travel Pouch Review: Your Solution to Organizing your G Pro Vaporizer


It is extremely hard to keep our vaporizer and accessories in check, especially for the busy frequent traveler.

The DGK G Travel is your solution to organizing your G Pro Vaporizer

It is also a challenge looking for a portable pouch that could fit all our accessories such as the charger and cleaners without having it damaged and squashed in our bags.

That is where the DGK G Travel Pouch comes in. You can find the DGK Travel Pouch. 

Having multiple pouches for every device and accessory could add bulk and weight to your baggage which could be stressful and oftentimes disastrous.

The DGK G Travel Pouch, made especially for G Pro Vaporizers, is a stylish and portable mini bag produced by Grenco Science.

The zipper pouch is designed to be spacious and sturdy enough to carry and protect your G Pro Vaporizer and its accessories. 

If you have been thinking of getting a vaporizer, you might want to check out the review that we did on the G Pro Vaporizer. This vaporizer is very well built and is very durable. It is made of very good materials.

dgk travel pouch

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The DGK G Travel Pouch measured 4 inches in width and 6 inches in height, has a sleek and soft camouflage print on its exterior.

The storage device features five sizable interior compartments—one large buttoned pocket on the left and four slip compartments on the right including a special pocket for the G Pro Vaporizer for a perfect and secure fit.

Aside from its spacious compartments, the DGK G Travel Pouch is also made from strong and quality materials, making it safe, sturdy and built to last.

I really like the spacious compartments and pockets.

With this zipper travel pouch, one can easily travel without having to worry about the G Pro Vaporizer and its accessories as they are stored tightly and securely all in one rather than having them in many separate cases at once.

Plus points for having it easily fit in my backpack, purse or luggage.

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dgk d travel pouch

Overall the DGK G Travel Pouch is very easy to handle, spacious and a perfect bag for travelers and organizers who want to keep their G Pro

Vaporizer and accessories organized and safe.

We love the design but we just hope more colors and designs will be available soon.

The camouflage design is very stylish and feels smooth to the touch.

Note that you can also try to fit other vaporizers here and you are not limited to just the G Pro Vaporizer.

We highly recommend this vaporizer organizer that serves as a travel pouch too.

You can buy this beautiful DGK G Travel Pouch at Vapor at a very reasonable price of $19.95.

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