Grenco Science’s G Pen Pro Vaporizer at $99.95 has a sleek and modern design that lets you travel with ease and in style. More importantly, the device is also very easy to operate and immensely user-friendly.

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The G Pen Pro Vaporizer is all about quality and convenience designed to be handy, discreet and portable, very easy to carry around. In addition, the G Pen Pro Vaporizer is very easy to set-up and clean.

The G Pen Pro Vaporizer is also very efficient. It could heat up to .25G and warms as fast as 30 seconds upon activation. It also features three heating temperatures: 375°F, 400°F, and 428°F indicated in colors blue, green, and red, respectively.

There are also no complicated, sophisticated and confusing buttons in the G Pen Pro Vaporizer. Its power and temperature setting are operated by pressing a single button. The device can also be shut down manually or automatically upon the user’s preferences.

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You also don’t need to worry about its battery running low—the device charges fast and hold sufficient battery life, especially when fully charged (for 2-3 hours as per instructions). The G Pen Pro Vaporizer also has a battery indicator to warn and alert the user when the battery is running low.

The G Pen Pro Vaporizer package also includes a G Pen Tool, a USB charging cable and a cleaning brush with a sleek and stylish packaging.

In terms of customer service, Grenco Science offers a 1-year warranty for the device and their staff immediately responds to customer inquiries. The company is a leading international producer of portable vaporizers. The new G Pen Pro joins the Elite, G Slim, and micro G in its array of products. If you are looking for more dry herb vape options check our review of Zeus Thunder.

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The G Pen Pro Vaporizer really exceeded our expectations. Not only does its classic black design prove to be stylish but it is also designed to be handy and extremely user-friendly. The vapor quality is amazing and is an improvement of Grenco Science’s vapes. The device’s simple and neat features make the device easy to use and operate from its set up until its cleaning.

How to Use

Grind up dry herbs finely and pack the chamber full. Don’t pack it loose. Stuff it! Click G Pen Pro Vaporizer five times to turn the vape on and hold it down for 3 seconds to cycle between the different heat settings. All 3 vapes use the same red, green and blue colors to indicate low, medium and high temperatures.

LOW (RED) = 320°F
HIGH (BLUE) = 420°F

Buy the G Pen Pro Vaporizer at Grenco Science’s website –

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