ZEUS Thunder 2

CAD 89.99

Battery Life


Temperature Flexibility




Performance and Ease of Use




What We Love

  • Conveniently compatible with wax and concentrates
  • 1.5 Hours Battery Life
  • Good quality stainless steel and ceramic bowl material
  • Very discreet looking, small and convenient
  • The Vape doesn't run as hot as other models


  • It is a bit tedious to put together and clean the bowl
  • Not too many options for temperature control

Tvape Zeus Thunder 2 @realtvape is the premium wax pen you should have.

As the industry of cannabis expands over the years, the market introduces various ingestion methods with better quality as well as product diversity. One of these methods is vaporizing.

Among the top companies producing vaporizers is Tvape, which offers a good selection of vaporizers at low prices.

Tvape is fully committed to providing the best herbal vaporizers that are available on the market.

It is no wonder that the company is known for giving users some of the best vaporizer kits around.

What is also good with Tvape is it gives you complete information on the products it sells.

Not only are users and prospective customers have given detailed performance specs of products, it also offers comparison tools and review blog posts, giving enthusiasts more detailed information about the product they are interested in.

There are also how-to videos telling you how a certain product works and even videos how you can clean your own vaporizing kit.

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ZEUS Thunder 2
Canadian Dollar 89.99

One of the company’s products is the Thunder 2 wax pen, a new premium product that provides outstanding flavor and amazing convenience for various waxes and concentrates.

Exterior Finish: Porsche Design PVD Coated Finish
Battery Capacity: 650 mAh lithium-polymer
Available Colors: Black color swatch

Performance Specs
Vapor Quality: 8.5
Manufacturing Quality: 7.6
Temperature Flexibility: 2.0
Portability: 8.0
Discreetness: 8.4
Convenience: 7.5
Battery Life: 7.0
Overall Score: 7.5

The Thunder 2 wax pen is a must-have item for cannabis connoisseurs, providing pure flavor in an atomizer design using a ceramic plate and boasts of a one-button design.

You can get countless draws on just one single charge.

Our Final Thoughts


This new premium wax pen is simple but does its job very well. It is super discreet, allowing you to have maximum sensory experience at your own privacy.

The flavor the wax pen gives is pure and exceptional to the point that you would notice subtle flavors in its concentrates.

Battery life is great too. It can go for several hours without you charging it every time.

One of the things you would immediately see when you try out this new Zeus Thunder 2 product from Tvape is its cool premium feel.

This premium wax pen has a very sleek and stylish design. But do not let the design fool you.

This wax pen feels very robust and durable when you use it.

The product’s tank offers an amazing all-glass shield exterior that comes with a stainless steel air pathway as well as a battery chassis coated using PVD mat finish.

This product is a must-have for anyone’s arsenal.

For more information, go to https://www.tvape.com.

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