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V2 Pro Review: 3-in-1 Revolutionary Vaporizer for E-liquid, Wax and Loose Leaf

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V2 Pro


Battery Life


Temperature Flexibility




Performance and Ease of Use




What We Love

  • V2 Pro can vaporize wax, e-liquid and loose leaf
  • The loose leaf holds a full bowl pack
  • Easily gets you through a day of heavy use of juice & a few sessions of loose leaf
  • Temperature and voltage choices
  • Large storage capacity, sleek and discreet design

When it comes to vape tank technology @v2cigs, among the revolutionary products out there is the V2 Pro personal vaporizer.

It is not just a vape pen, mind you. V2 Pro is a 3-in-1 revolutionary vaporizer for E-liquid, Wax and Loose Leaf.

V2 Pro can actually vaporize e-liquid, wax, as well as loose leaf.

Every series offers cartridges specializing in e-liquid, wax, and loose leaf, making the series among the market’s best vaporizers.

Series 7 Vaporizer Kit


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Series 7 Kit Includes:
Vaporizer, Liquid Cartridge, Loose Leaf Cartridge, USB Charger, Wall Adapter, Pick & Brush

The V2 Pro Series 7 Kit has everything one needs to begin enjoying Series 7, along with some extras.

Each Series 7 vaporizer comes with the benefits of smart technology as well as premium features that mark Series 3, and a few additional benefits such as temperature settings and variable voltage.

This, plus an extended battery life and bigger storage capacity make Series 7 your must-have 3-in-1 portable vaporizer.

Like the offerings of Series 3 vape pen, the company’s Series 7 has compatible cartridges specializing in three, very unique mediums: e-liquid, loose leaf, and wax.

Once you have chosen your preferred cartridge and filled the cartridge chamber, there are voltage or temperature settings you can select.

If for instance, you are not sure about the type of setting you want, the product’s smart technology can immediately recognize the cartridge type you got and will immediately heat the content to its best vaporizing temperature.

To change the voltage hit the power button twice and the lights will then change. 

Wait until the lights are at your desired voltage level and then hit the button again to stay at that voltage. 

The first voltage level is 3.7V then 4.2V and then finally 4.7V.

The Series 7 Kit offers you one vaporizer, one wall adapter, one USB charging cord, one loose leaf cartridge, one e-liquid cartridge, and the pick and brushes you can use for your loose leaf cartridge.

Just unpack the components, then connect the device to your magnetic charging cord, and then plug it into your compatible USB port.

You can separately buy the compatible loose leaf, wax, and e-liquid cartridges.

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Series 7 Loose Leaf Cartridge

Speaking of loose leaf cartridge, Series 7 is a hit among users who prefer loose leaf.

Series 7 has a loose leaf cartridge offering among the industry’s fastest heat-up times.

This means you can warm your selected dry leaf ingredient to its best temperature within 20 or 25 seconds.

The company’s cartridge uses conduction heating in order to give you thick, rich clouds of satisfying vapor.

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Our Final Thoughts

One of the market’s selected, multi-purpose vaporizers, V2’s Pro Series 7 vaporizer can use interchangeable cartridges for your oil concentrate, dry herb, or e-liquid needs.

This is the first vaporizer we tested that can vape 3-in-1 (e-liquid, wax or loose leaf). It is a great value for your money.

The draw on the Series 7 is loose but tight enough to inhale properly. For the e-juice, you get a decent amount of smoke and vapor with their 2.5ml capacity.

Setting the voltage higher for the e-liquid will result in a warmer vape and more smoke and vapor.

The V2 Pro Series 7 is very easy to use.

Cleaning and maintenance would not be a problem since cleaning the product would only take a few minutes.

The vapor is smooth and amazing, giving you a pleasant hit any time of the day.

The battery life is pretty decent too and lasted all day, clocking in at 1800mah.

This comes with a magnetic charging cord and we think it is great because it protects the vape from accidents (think tripping on the cord but the vape won’t fly with the cord).

We tested it with the loose leaf cartridge and we found it very sturdy and among the best vaporizers we have tested so far.

We love the variable controls for the temperature and the 3 voltage modes.

The loose leaf holds a full bowl pack much better than vape pens that we have reviewed before.

We found it very convenient that it can heat 3 types of mediums. The design and casing are also discreet, stylish and sleek.

We highly recommend getting this vaporizer!

For more information about the vaporizer, check out this link:

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