Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Resolution Kit Review: Remarkable Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Kit

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The Resolution Kit is a kit designed to make the cleaning of your glassware quickly and easily.

Comprised of specially designed ResCaps and ResGel, these can be utilized together or independently to clean pipes and hard to reach areas of your favorite glassware.

The ResCaps make a watertight seal around any openings, making cleaning fast and easy. 

The ResGel is a powerful cleaning substance designed to break and remove resins, leaving behind nothing but clean glass and a pleasant scent. 

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The user’s guide of the Resolution Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaning Kit explains two different cleaning techniques:

  • For a dirtier, more heavily used piece, the gel bag is provided to the user for soaking.
  • For regular cleaning, pour the gel into the piece and shake it to clean the piece out.
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During the soaking process, you may need to soak the bong for up to 30 minutes with warm water.

Put the bong on its side and pivot it from time to time during the 30 minute soak time, then flush it with clean water and your bong will look like new! 

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For cleaning by shaking the bong, ensure the ports are capped, then flush with warm water.

If your bong is particularly dirty, you may need to soak it to clean it initially, but as long as you stay on top of it, the shake & bake should be all that is necessary at that point. 

Final Thoughts

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The ResCaps of the kit fit a wide variety of glassware, and are simple to use.

The Resolution Kit Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for any smoker who values a clean bong.

To learn more or to buy their products, head on over to their website – Resulotioncolo.com

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Win a Limited Edition Snowman Bong!

Win a Limited Edition Snowman Bong!

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