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Review Of Stashlogix: Legendary Bags with Remarkable Combo-Locks

@STASHLOGIX is a brand that was produced by an awesome company in Colorado.

In 2015, they started creating secure, discreet, smell-proof bags with an attention on security and cannabis well-being. 

They came in different  sizes and colors as well as functionalities. One thing we have always love about Stashlogix is that their Silverton bags are modular. The dividers can be removed and re-arranged.

Get one now and have a cannabis storage solution that is carefully designed, smell-proof and lockable.  

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Silverton, Medium Size


Assembled in the USA, this  8″ L x 7″ W x 4 1/4″ H  linen bag is an amazing product which has Lots of space and storage areas to help keep you organized.

The presence of removable interior divider system means the Silverton can be rearranged to fit whatever you need.

The Silverton box comes with a newly upgraded combination lock which is a great feature for sure and it has a metal poker for setting code on lock which seems to be very legit, the lock puts you at ease from weird roommates therefore keeping your stuff safe.

The Stashlogix Silverton also comes with a silver lining inside which is easily cleanable, odor-trapping, and heat-resistant.

From the outside, the Silverton Looks like a lunch box, which means you can only feel nerdy carrying it around instead of nervous.  

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Lohi Key Features

– Made in the USA

– 11″ L x 8.5″ W x 1.5″ D

– 52” Adjustable, Removable Strap

– Nylon 

– YKK aqua-guard (water and odor resistant) zipper

– Metal poker (for setting code on lock)

– Multiple pockets throughout (cell phone, ipad mini, 3 internal mesh pockets, etc.)

– OdorPax

The Lohi is a bag that makes you feel stylish, discreet, and responsible. With the Stashlogix LoHi, you get a weatherproof, lockable and smell-resistant bag.

Made in colorado USA, this 11″ L x 8.5″ W x 1.5″ D nylon handbag comes with a 52” Adjustable, Removable Strap for easy handling.

The presence of Multiple pockets for cell phone, ipad mini and 3 internal mesh pockets, makes the Lohi the perfect choice for keeping your accessories organized and safe.  

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More importantly, the Lohi has a metal poker for setting code on lock which seems to be very legit, this lock puts you at ease from weird friends therefore keeping your stuff safe.

The one unique thing about the Lohi is its YKK aquaguard which prevents the bag from water and odor meaning you won’t have any problem with this bag if you are under the rain.

The Lohi also has the presence of a little bamboo carbon called the odorpax which really keeps the inside smelling fresh and neutral which is awesome, there is no smell at all until you open it.

For more information, or to buy, go to their website – Stashlogix.com.  

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