hemp bombs

@HempBombs offers premium CBD products to the CBD consumers. Their CBD is free of heavy metals and pesticides. They source the CBD from organic-certified, industrial, premium-grade hemp.

CBD has a lot of benefits to the body and there are a lot of CBD products out there. Hemp Bombs has been proven to be superior.

They carry a full line of CBD products with different concentrations, size and strength.

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We have tested and reviewed the following CBD products from Hemp Bombs:

  1. CBD Gummies
  2. CBD E-liquid
  3. CBD Oil
  4. CBD Capsules
  5. CBD Pain Freeze
  6. CBD Syrup
  7. CBD E-liquid Additives
  8. CBD Relaxation Syrup
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Our Thoughts

After testing Hemp Bombs’ products, we can say that their products have therapeutic benefits. The quality is high and the CBD is potent.


One of our staff replaced his nightly sleeping pills with Hemp Bombs capsules.

He slept like a baby as he got longer and deeper REM sleep. He was overweight and so he took two capsules.

The CBD pain freeze acts quickly in 15 minutes for muscular pain. The CBD gummies help you relax. The syrup does the same thing too.

It is delicious and not too sweet. The vape had huge puffy clouds of smoke and tasted yummy.

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Overall their CBD products promote better sleep, relaxation, lesser pain and enhanced mood.

We think some of their consumables are priced high compared to the other CBDs out there in the market.

It is certified pure CBD though so it is worth the price.

Hemp Bombs are strict when it comes to sourcing their materials.

They have third-party lab testings and quality control standards.

What we like about this company is that they are very transparent.

They feature a special section in their website where they publish the results of their CBD products from third-party labs.

There are a lot of fake CBD products out there so please do your research before buying.

To get more information and to buy Hemp Bombs’ products, mosey on over to their website – HempBombs.com.

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