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What We Love

  • Comes with a padlock to secure the backpack
  • Great for outdoor activities and travel as it is anti-theft
  • Acts as a portable safe for your cannabis and important stuff
  • Slash-proof fabric
  • Ropes/string are cut resistant
  • Large interior RFID blocking pocket shields unauthorized scanning
  • A9 cut level - slash proof fabric


  • It's a bit pricey but we think it is totally worth it because of the security, quality and durability

The Flak Sack II by @loctote is typically the best anti-theft drawstring backpack for the cannabis enthusiast. #beatthebag We didn’t see anything wrong with this backpack!

flak sack ii

We tested it out, placed some cannabis, joints, and a vaporizer inside along with keys, wallet and a notebook.

We have never seen anything like it. We dared to test the anti-slash technology. Here’s a quick video of that.

The Flak Sack II also has an RFID blocking pocket that prevents any unauthorized scanning and skimming of your credit cards.


More importantly, this is the most secure backpack we have ever tested. It also comes with a combination lock so you can lock this and clip it to a secure object and leave it.

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loctote review

Think swimming and you locked the backpack with your cannabis inside it onto the railing of your beach chair.

Or think you are traveling in a different country, walking on a shady street, scared that someone will slash your backpack but of course, your backpack is slash-proof.

Or maybe, locking the backpack with your vaporizer inside it to your chair in a coffee shop while you go to the restroom.

The Flak Sack II by Loctote has the ability to store your belongings and carry it along with you safely, due to the presence of lock straps which locks the bag.

This sack is anti-theft and if you slash it with a knife, it won’t be destroyed.

It is slash proof and according to their website, it is an A9 cut-level, the highest level.

This is probably the best feature we have ever seen in a backpack. The security is absolutely amazing. For the cannabis user, it is a way to secure your herbs while on the go.

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flak sack ii by loctote

The Flak Sack II  by Loctote is made from top quality body armor material such as an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. The design is classy and stylish.

It comes in two colors black and stealth black. The quality is great and you can tell it is durable. This will last you for years!

The Flak Sack II by Loctote can be carried comfortably over your back with the help of its leather sternum tie which is used to pull the ropes together over your back.

This leather sternum then acts as a weight balancer in balancing the weight of the bag evenly.


  • 18″ x 14″ (fits MacBook Pro 15 inch)
  • Capacity: 13 liters
  • 2 lbs (includes lock)
  • Interior Pocket: 10″ x 8″ (can fit an iPad Mini)
  • Natural leather patch & accents
  • Designed in Columbus. Fabric made in the USA.  Manufactured in China.

We highly recommend this backpack not only for the cannabis warrior but also for all types of individuals – travelers, college students, surfers, adventurers and the like.

We not only recommend it but we say this is a must-have for the cannabis enthusiast.

To buy this amazing Flak Sack II, head on over to Loctote’s website. Use the code “worryless10” to get a 10% discount on any order – https://loctote.com/products/flak-sack-2

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