Daily High Club Review: The Ultimate Smoking Subscription Box

daily high club
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Daily High Club












What We Love

  • Great value for your money
  • Discreet
  • Carefully curated content
  • Includes a glass smoking piece every month
  • You get the smoking supplies essentials you need every month

@DailyHighClub Company Overview

Daily High Club is an amazing idea—think of it as your usual “Book-Of-the-Month Club” with a twist.

Instead of you getting a new book monthly, the company sends you a huge box of premium cannabis smoking supplies and swag.

It operates internationally, even sending these wonderful boxes from as far as Norway and Chile.

The company assures you get quality products right straight to your door

Live the high life with Daily High Club.

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El primo box

• You’ll always get new glass for your mantle
• $80 worth of products
• Always get the essentials in smoking supplies
*$30, free U.S. shipping
*$11 shipping to Canada
*$18 shipping to non-US/CA

Daily High Club offers enthusiasts a premium smoking subscription box that gives you all-natural rolling papers as well as glass.

It is not just a box with convenience store smoking supplies. The company offers you the greatest quality supplies but at a fraction of the cost.

The “El primo” box of the company offers a great value at $30 a month, especially if you factor in the quality of the items in the box and the convenience of having it delivered to you free (if you live in the United States).

Each month you would get another box automatically shipped. For such a cheap cost, the package really offers a pretty amazing value.

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Our Final Thoughts

For an inexpensive cost of $30, you will get a special 420 box every month from the Daily High Club.

This box will have a good selection of various cannabis specials from papers, tips, and filters to glass pieces, dugouts, among others.

The items in your box will depend on the subscription package you will get.

Getting a subscription at the Daily High Club is easy. Ending your subscription is also easy as 1-2-3.

Who can benefit from such a monthly subscription with the Daily High Club?

• Smoking enthusiasts who would like to receive premium supplies regularly
• Enthusiasts who would like to get quality smoking supplies without breaking the bank delivered straight to their doors once a month
• People who are living in remote areas and have limited smoking access
• Patients bound in their homes due to their disability
• People who would like to surprise their loved ones and friends with a unique gift

The company values discretion.

This is why the package comes in a plain box that has no discernible markings to give away the goodies inside.

The Daily High Club has a number of subscription tiers to choose from, with the bomb “El-Primo” box offered at $30 per month.

Other plans are the “Connoisseur” ($12/month) and “All-Natural” ($1/month) packages.

The company also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. It can refund you within two weeks of delivery, as long as the products in the package are returned unused.

For more information and to try their box, go to

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