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What We Love

  • The most sleek, elegant and beautiful vaporizer we have ever seen!
  • Great performance and very easy to use and to clean
  • Long battery life and quality materials used like stainless steel and borosilicate glass
  • Awesome liquid filtration system that has a patent pending
  • Heat is evenly distributed and precise temperature control via microchip processor

@Cloudious9Crew, The Hydrology9 Overview

Cloudious9 has reinvented liquid filtration with its widely-acclaimed vaporizer that sets it apart from the rest of the vaporizers available on the market.

It enables the unobstructed vapor flow while at the same time offering a design that is seamlessly integrated.

It has a current pending patent on its liquid filtration design, which gives users a new way of liquid filtration. This new vaporizer is called Hyrdrology9.

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According to their website, this is the story of Hydrology9:

The creation of the Hydrology9 was not the result of a “lightbulb” moment of innovation, but rather one of continuous observation of the existing vaporizers on the market and revision of our ideas to satisfy what the vaporizer industry lacks.
We went through countless hours of interviews with long time vaporizer users and eventually realized there is a lack of a truly integrated portable liquid filtration vaporizer.
Creating a truly unique vaporizer required us to think completely outside the scope of existing vaporizers on the market.
This meant solving new challenges and having no prior reference resolution for a new problem that others have never tackled.
The results are a brand new approach to dealing with liquid filtration, and thus the birth of our patent pending “tunnel tube” liquid filtration design and “even heat distribution stir.”
Vaporizers with any liquid filtration capability usually implement it as an add-on, and the entire device is not specifically optimized for liquid filtration.
The results are inconveniences from numerous moving parts and a lack of a truly portable solution. After identifying this void, Cloudious9 was set on a mission to create a disruptive product for an industry that longed for innovation.
Creating a new vaporizer solution without anything similar on the market also prevented our product design team from being clouded by competitors’ design concepts, since we have no identical competitor.
This allows our design team to unleash our creativity and bring to the world our widely acclaimed exterior design.

Hydrology9 Vaporizer

The philosophy behind Cloudious9’s outstanding product design is the exquisite attention to detail.

This is the reason why every part of this stylish and great vaporizer is a process composed of several revisions and user experience optimization.

Package Includes
• Hydrology9 Vaporizer
• AC Adapter & Charging Cable
• User Manual
• Cleaning Kit Set

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Body Materials: Space-grade anodized aluminum alloy body. Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece.
Battery Specification: 2000mAh lithium polymer battery (safe cell phone grade).

A full charge takes between two and hours, which lasts approximately 15 sessions.

It would take about 60 seconds to attain optimal heat.
Chamber Specification: Food-grade porcelain chamber.
Vaporization Chamber Dimension: 18 mm x 10 mm
Hydrology9 Dimension Measures: 45 mm x 175 mm
Package Dimension Measures: 217mm X 130 mm X 70mm

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Our Final Thoughts

The vaporizer’s mouthpiece uses borosilicate glass, which offers the best blend of strength and clarity.

A completely unique vaporizer, Hydrology9 Vaporizer applies a water filtration system that is directly attached to the unit.

It was designed to give users the perfect angle to give you comfort as well as ease of cleaning.

Hydrology9 has a minimalist cylinder design that is assured to prevent liquid spillage but at the same time easily conforms to a grip, giving users easy and tight access to the vaporizer.

One of the industry’s finest models, it comes with a large and unique oven, a wide array of LED indicator lights as well as five-preset temperatures.

The Hydrology9 is indeed a revolutionary vaporizer, one of the unique vaporizers that have an onboard water filtration to make sure users would get cool and unobstructed vapor.

Aesthetically, the Hydrology9 is among of the most beautiful and slickest vaporizers around.

It stands out from the rest, a sleek combination of a luxurious design but given with a dash a futuristic feel.

Vapor quality is extremely cool, robust, and efficient.

Once the vaporizer is filled with water, the Hydrology9 is very easy to use.

With just a few clicks of the tool’s power button powers the unit immediately, and another click will allow the user to cycle through the product’s various different heat settings.

Detail attention can be seen in the build quality as well as in the quality built into the design.

If you love vaporizers and you want to get your hands on one of the best units in the market, the Hyrology9 is a must-have vaporizer.

For more information and to buy online, go to www.cloudious9.com.

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