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Hippie Butler Review: Premium Monthly Subscription Boxes

Hippie Butler is one of the premium monthly subscription boxes in the cannabis market today. @TheHippieButler is one of the market’s most amazing subscription boxes that especially cater to cannabis users.

Dapper and popular among users, subscription box will arrive at your doorstep in style and comes with must-have goodies that you need throughout the month. 

hemp wrap subscription box

Each Hippie Butler box offers a wide array of products that will make sure you have everything you need to have you lifted every month.

Items may include rolling papers, glass pipes, grinders, wraps, lighters, among others.

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Masters Club Box (Flower variation) $139.99 per month


Hippie Butler’s Masters Club Box is arguably the most comprehensive subscription box for those who want to have it all.

Aside from the Flower variation, it also comes in concentrate kind.

Hemp Wrap Subscription Box

The Hemp Wrap Subscription Box is the best solution for smokers out there who are trying to avoid nicotine and tobacco wraps when they want to smoke.

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Butler Box (Mix variation) $32.99 per month

subscription box

It is the company’s most popular subscription box, a surefire hit among daily smokers who prefer using glass and rolling up.

Aside from the Mix variation, it also comes in flavored or non-flavored variations.

Rollers Club (Mix variation) $11.99 per month

hippie butler box

Hippie Butler’s Rollers Club box is the perfect subscription box for those roll-your-own users out there.

Getting a Hippie Butler box is like getting a gift from one of your best friends who really know you and your smoking needs.

The brands the company include in its boxes are recognizable and respected names in the cannabis community.

The products in every Hippie Butler box are sufficient for the monthly needs of an average smoker, if not more.

What makes Hippie Butler box amazing is it offers you the best products at a cost that will not cost an arm and leg.

It is also an efficient time-saver among enthusiasts.

Hippie Butler leaves no stone unturned as far as customization of your needs.

Whether users prefer flower or concentrate, glass or wraps, the company offers you countless options or specifications, down to the smallest details, such as whether they prefer flavored papers or non-flavored.

Thus, every Hippie Butler box is different and special among users, as the users themselves provide the specifications and preferences they want.

Think of Hippie Butler as your customized smoking butler giving you the best gear the market can offer, delivered to your doorstep with such style.

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