Sunday, October 2, 2022

Understanding Cannabis Social Equity

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The cannabis market has taken off with people making big gains in this billion-dollar industry. One can look around and see many entrepreneurs setting up their own cannabis dispensary shops to enjoy this metropolis of riches.

The goal of social equity laws in the cannabis industry is to ensure that people from communities disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and discriminatory law enforcement are included in the new legal cannabis industry. The definition of social equity can vary but in the cannabis industry, it centers around the inclusion of minorities and communities of color in every aspect, from cultivation to consulting.

However, stats have shown that there is a disproportionate or unreasonable difference of white-owned dispensaries in comparison to minorities. Specifically, recent researched data revealed that 82 percent of cannabis-owned shops were self-employed whites with black only having a 3 percent ownership and the remaining 15 being divided among other minority groups such as Hispanics, Asians, and multiracial groups.

This is being said to help one understand the need for cannabis social equity. The previously facts pointed out are a great example; however, to get an understanding of cannabis social equity, let’s look further. There is an ongoing war on drugs and you can still see and feel its effects. The war rages on, despite increased legalization.

When one is earnestly seeking out justice, impartiality, and equality in creating rules, legalities, and policies to include the implantation of, management of, and distribution of such rules, legalities, and policies in this case it is all in reference to the cannabis industry, then one is beginning to understand cannabis social equity and what it is and why it is needed.

As previously mentioned the percentages are so far off when one takes a look at the racial ownerships in the cannabis market. Therefore, any person involved in this particular industry bet it state governors, legal institutions and enforcement in relation to the cannabis industry should be doing everything within its power to reduce, stop and prevent any injustice in regards to significant or particular social characteristics.

The goal in getting an understanding of cannabis social equity, in essence, should promote and display true aid in helping the minorities have the same chances and opportunities according to fair procedures and services to meet the needs of all entrepreneurs.

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