Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Minority Entrepreneurs Struggle to Enter Legal Marijuana Market

There is no secret that as of April of this year, the District of Columbia along with 35 other states have made cannabis legal for medical purposes. However, again as recently as April of this year, 16 of the 35 states actually made it legal to use it recreationally.

We emphasize legalization because this means that cannabis is becoming a huge industry. With dispensaries popping up all over the legal states, one would think that any hopeful entrepreneur would have a chance to make their dreams come true with a thriving cannabis business.

And, yes that may be true for some, but again minority entrepreneurs are actually battling to enter this legal cannabis market. Mario B. Williams, a successful attorney is about to open an upscale retail medical marijuana and CBD store in the Atlanta, GA area.

Seems that this should be a piece of cake for this knowledgeable, successful Attorney at Law, but he happens to be a minority. There are many difficulties in the battle such as a discriminatory and faulty financial system, the politics of it all to include barely any representation for minorities.

Minorities are rejected two to three times more than whites when it comes to getting a loan to start any business. Most minorities do not have money of their own nor any type of capital be it venture capital or crowdfunding to start their business. And, with this new legalization and the politics involved many do not have the legal expertise to get their feet in the door.

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