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The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are food edibles that are made from the marijuana plant. There is a wide selection of mints, gummies, beverages, and baked foods that have THC and CBD; the two main elements of cannabis. These edibles will provide the desired effects of marijuana.


The benefit of cannabis edibles is that they provide the effects of marijuana without vaporization or smoking. They are easy to use. All that you have to do is to drink or eat them.

Smoking cannabis can be just as bad as smoking cigarettes. That is because in both cases tar is produced. Tar can harm your lungs. When using edibles, there will be no production of tar or other chemicals that are produced as a result of burning.

Edibles can also have nutrients such as proteins or minerals depending on the edible that you are taking. You should read the nutritional label during the purchase process.

How Long Will it Take for the Effects to Set In?

When you smoke cannabis, the effects can set in almost immediately. However, for the case of cannabis edibles, there will be a gradual process because they have to be absorbed through the digestive system.

The onset of effects can happen as fast as 20 minutes. Alternatively, it can take as long as three hours for the effects to manifest. It all depends on your body and the edible that you are using.

When the effects manifest, they can last for four to six hours depending on the quantity of the food that you have taken. Edibles have a longer duration of effects compared to smoking or vaporizing cannabis.


The potency of cannabis edibles is indicated in the form of milligrams. It will be stated on the packaging in the form of milligrams of CBD or THC per serving and the total amount of milligrams in the product.

Cannabis edibles have different THC to CBD ratios. Those with a higher THC concentration are highly intoxicating while those with a higher CBD concentration are lesser intoxicating. THC is the element that causes the high sensation. On the other hand, CBD has numerous medicinal properties. High-quality CBD can be helpful for pain relief.


It is important to know the dosage that you should use. Overdosing is not recommended since it can lead to problems. You should properly pace your consumption to prevent overdosing.

You should start small and increase gradually. For a beginner, you shouldn’t consume over 5 mg of THC. An intermediate user will require between 5 and 20 mg feeling the effects. For the case of an experienced user, over 20 mg of cannabis edible can be used.

Many factors will determine how your body will react to the product. It is just like when consuming alcohol, some people get drank faster than others.

How do Cannabis Edibles work?

You will ingest the product after which it will be transported from the mouth to the stomach. The edible will be digested by the stomach just like ordinary food. Nutrients will be absorbed by the body and some compounds will undergo metabolism in your liver. The THC will circulate from the stomach and reach the heart. Upon reaching the heart, they will be transported to the brain where they will facilitate highness.

A drug test such as a hair follicle test or a urine test can identify traces of cannabis in your system. Such tests work by detecting compounds.

The whole process from consumption to reaching the brain can take between 1-3 hours. It depends on whether you had previously eaten. If you ate something before taking cannabis edibles, the process can longer.

The liver metabolizes THC. Liver mechanisms will dictate how cannabis edibles will affect you.

Manufacturing of Cannabis Edibles

By understanding the process of manufacturing cannabis edibles and the ingredients that are used in making them, it will be easier to understand their mechanism of action. 

Cannabis distillate is used in the manufacture of infused edibles. It’s also called hashish and doesn’t have any flavor or smell. Hashish is integrated into real food using oil. You need to check out on the label the kind of cannabis concentrate that was used in making an edible to understand how the product will react with your body.

Will You Get High When You Eat Raw Cannabis?

Eating raw weed will not have any intoxicating effect even if you eat it with a smoothie or shake. Eating raw cannabis on an empty stomach won’t make you high. That is because THCA which makes raw cannabis needs to be converted to THC through heating. Your body can’t facilitate the conversion process.

Can You Make Cannabis Edibles at Home?

You can use the dry flower to make marijuana-infused oils and butter from the comfort of your home. The flower will need to be submerged into the oil or butter. After that, they should be gentle heating to extract the cannabis from the flower to the oil. The final product will need to be strained using a sieve to remove the particles. The oil that has been created can be used in cooking any food.

Cooking with cannabis is easy. However, the main challenge is properly dosing the product. Attention to detail will help to facilitate a consistent taste and dosing.

The Bottom-Line

Before you buy thc edibles, you should check the label. This will help you to know whether a product is suitable for your needs. Ensure to purchase a reputable brand. Some research will come in handy during the shopping process.

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