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7 Tips in Selecting the Best Cannabis Strains

When it comes to growing your own weed, one of the very first decisions that you will need to make is which strain you want to choose for doing so. There are a huge number of different weed strains and choosing between these can often seem like a difficult thing to do, unfortunately. However, there are a number of different factors that you can consider to make the decision between the thousands of different strains easier. After all, not all cannabis is created equal; there is one for every person’s need.

Factors to Consider

Some newbie weed growers assume that any strain of weed will do for their first attempt at growing cannabis, but this is not the case! There are a huge number of different strains and they vary in their difficulty to grow, as well as other factors such as their hardiness and their final features and effects.

However, a tip to note before choosing weed strains to grow is to research its legality first, considering there are states that consider products with high THC illegal.

#1 Purpose

Arguably the first factor that you need to consider when choosing the right cannabis seed strain for your needs is that of the purpose of cannabis. Some people are growing cannabis for recreational purposes, for example, while other growers are doing so for medicinal purposes, such as to alleviate chronic pain and inflammation and help ease depression. Good recreational cannabis should have a high THC content for strong and euphoric highs; contrastingly, since THC is responsible for causing the sense of being high, medicinal marijuana strains are specially bred to be low in THC and high in CBD, meaning that the health benefits will still be experienced by the consumer but without the side effects of the euphoric high.

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#2 Flavor

A key factor that you should consider when choosing the perfect marijuana strain is that of the flavor that your strain will give you. Different strains can have wildly different flavors and taste sensations, with some strains giving marijuana which tastes similar to chocolate or coffee, while others might have a candy floss or fruity flavor. Pick a strain that will give you one of your favorite flavors!

#3 Aroma

In a similar way as choosing a strain based on the flavor of marijuana, you should also consider the aroma that you like as well before making a decision. Similarly, different strains have different aromas, and the aroma can make or break the experience for some people… so make sure to consider this and choose a strain that you know will have the aroma you like!

#4 Hardiness

When choosing the perfect marijuana strain, a key point to consider is the hardiness of your chosen strain. Naturally, different strains have different levels of hardiness, with some requiring more TLC than others. The high TLC strains are generally the highest yielding ones, and so are ideal for growing indoors in a suitable cannabis growing environment with controlled atmosphere and temperature. By contrast, there are also a wide number of different strains that are suitable for outdoor growing, too; if you don’t have an indoor cannabis grow room, then outdoor strains may be the best option for you. Some of the best outdoor strains are Gelato, White Widow, and Hulkberry. Admittedly outdoor strains (almost) always give a lower yield than their indoor strains, if you choose the right strain you can still get an impressive yield if the crop grows well.

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#5 Characteristics

There are two primary types of cannabis plants: Sativa and Indica strains. These are generally quite distinctive and have unique characteristics that may make them suitable (or unsuitable) for your growth. Sativa strains of cannabis are generally tall and grow into long buds, and are great for growing in warm climates. By contrast, Indica strains of cannabis are usually shorter and have denser buds than Sativa plants, however, they are better suited to cold climates due to their origins in Russia.

Additionally, you might want to take note of the two strains’ after effects, especially if you’re a working individual, as you wouldn’t want your leisure use of marijuana to affect your career performance negatively.

Sativa strain will likely keep you psychologically active, while Indica will do the opposite and help you fall asleep. And so, if you want your creative juices flowing, awaken your senses, and inspire you to do more, Sativa can be your option. On the other hand, if you want to reduce stress and relax during your days off, get Indica.

There is also another type they call a hybrid, which is sort of a combination of the two strains. But before the practice of cross-breeding and hybridization come to light, cannabis plants can easily be recognized based on their height, branching, and other physical attributes. And now, it’s near impossible, and only a biochemical assay can tell the chemical composition of the strain you have.

#6 Feminized?

A new feature available when choosing your cannabis seeds is whether you want normal seeds or feminized seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds, as the name would suggest, have been selected and bred to be female only. Cannabis has the ability to breed with both male and female counterparts; this means that, when two female cannabis plants are bred together, all of the resulting seeds will be female. This is critical because only female cannabis plants will grow the buds that we want to harvest. Contrastingly, if you don’t choose feminized seeds, you will likely pay a little less but will only get about 50% female plants in your seed pack, so it is worth considering whether or not you can justify the extra expense of feminized seeds.

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#7 Autoflowering?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are modern innovations and are incredibly useful for a variety of different applications. They are created as a cross between the Indica and Sativa cannabis strains and are generally small in size. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of cultivation; as standard, light control methods are needed in order to make the cannabis plants begin the flowering process, but auto-flowering plants do so automatically—saving time and resources and allowing plants to be grown outdoors all year round. They typically flower more quickly, too, which is an additional benefit.

In Summary

Choosing the right strain is essential if you are to have success with growing your cannabis plants. Different strains have different features and characteristics; this may make some strains better suited to different growing conditions, so you should consider your cannabis growing setup before choosing a strain. It is also worth considering other factors such as the taste, aroma, and effects of the harvested marijuana too, as this will impact whether the strain is the right one for you and your needs/preferences.

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