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Trevon Sundiata Ferguson: Veteran, Author, Speaker and Coach Who Brings Awareness to our Heroes

Trevon Ferguson was born in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and immigrated to the United States in December of 1994. Shortly after, he enlisted and served in the US Army.

During his military career, he was involved in an accident that resulted in him becoming an amputee and suffering a traumatic brain injury that led to epilepsy and multiple seizures, chronic headaches, PTSD, vertigo, depression, and anxiety.

After years of unstoppable pain and seizures, Trevon decided in 2018 to focus on his mental and physical health. He found a dramatic improvement with the use of natural products like CBD and training as an athlete with the Adaptive Training Foundation.

There was a time when Trevon was ashamed to speak about his mental health struggles, he speaks about how he was “stood at the doorstep of suicide”. Through overcoming his obstacles he began to see his challenges as gifts. He still suffers from anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and PTSD but these are gifts in that he can speak on behalf of those who do not have a voice.

He works with several organizations and through his personal platforms to bring awareness to our heroes. He speaks up for the 22 veterans who lose their life to suicide every day.

Trevon is an athlete who constantly pushes himself to new heights. From archery to spartan races to inspirational speeches, he gains control of his struggles through his will to fight and achieve new goals. He is a proud husband and father, celebrating and supporting his wife, Pamela, and their kids.

In this interview, we learn more about Trevon’s background, how he got introduced to Realm of Caring, how he’s helping other veterans, how CBD has helped him and more. Read on below.

Ganjly: What’s your military journey and how were you introduced to CBD and the Realm of Caring?

Trevon Sundiata Ferguson: I was injured six months into active duty in February of 1996, and suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in severe migraines, emotional and mental distress and epilepsy. In 2019 I was introduced to quality CBD from Charlotte’s Web as an athlete in the adaptive training foundation’s class. Realm of Caring provided dosage recommendations and tracked my results for the entire nine weeks.

How often were you getting seizures and how has CBD helped with it and your overall chronic pain?

Prior to using CBD, I was averaging 3-12 seizures every day. Since starting Charlotte’s Web CBD in 2019, I have improved significantly and now average 1-2 seizures approximately every six or seven months.

When you met up with some of your fellow vets that were struggling with PTSD, and you pitched to them the idea of cannabis as a tool to help them, obviously, it’s not a cure, but it is a tool, what was their reaction? Was there a lot of hesitation? Was it sort of a, “I’ve been thinking about it,” but you sort of pushed them over the edge?

Surprisingly, a lot of veterans are open to CBD use and are aware of its benefits but the restrictions put in place by the Veterans Association regarding CBD hinders many individuals from pursuing it.

Now that you have regained your health, what activities are you planning to do?

I am well beyond planning now. I run spartan races monthly, I hike a lot and I am an archer. I will start competing in archery in September.

What are some of the most pressing issues facing veterans today and how do you believe that can be alleviated by having wider access to cannabis or CBD?

I can attest first hand for myself and others that I personally know that CBD can help improve all of these conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Chronic pain

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Nightmares

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress management

What do you hope to see 5 years from now in terms of veterans’ care?

I hope to see all veterans and first responders, active or otherwise, have full access and freedom to medicinal cannabis-based products.

What advice would you have to other veterans who might be reading this, who are on the fence about maybe taking the plunge into cannabis or doing something more non-traditional than the medication from their physician?

Quality of life matters. In order to build that life, we all need tools. Cannabis-based products are an instrumental tool to achieve this with the potential to improve lives. My advice is to remove all preconceived notions and just try it.

Thank you, Trevon, for taking the time to do the interview. We really appreciate it!

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