O.Pen Vape Fly Kit Review: A Tough Cartridge

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O.pen Vape Fly Kit




Performance and Efficiency




Ease of Use








What We Love

  • Discreet due to its size
  • Easy to assemble, and use
  • Let's you create and customize your own liquid concentrates
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price is very affordable
  • Good amount of smoke

Nowadays, cannabis and its concentrates are becoming popular for the cannabis enthusiast.

That is why O.pen Vape @vapordot has decided to produce O.pen Vape Fly Kit, a vaporizer pen that is accompanied by cartridges.

This vape is made of a simple chassis with a USB that is used for charging.

This awesome and easy to use kit includes a battery, mixing tools, and even some O.juice to get you started.

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How It Works

According to the manufacturer, remove the O.pen VAPE mouthpiece and rubber tip. The top lid of the kit has a notch to help you fill your cartridge hands-free.

Secure the cartridge to the top of the kit.

Using the included honey pot mixing bowl and honey dipper, simply combine 0.5ml of O.juice (included) and 0.5ml of your desired choice of essential oils or cannabis extracts to create your desired liquid.

Then take the syringe fill tool to transfer your personalized oil mix and fill the included empty .5ml cartridge. Reattach the cartridge to the O.penVAPE battery and mouthpiece.

Draw on the mouthpiece and look for the lights to illuminate. The lights will flash when the desired draw is reached, in roughly about 8 seconds.


  • Create Your Own Liquid Concentrates
  • All-In-One Kit
  • Mixing Tools Included
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Hands-Free Filling

What we love about this vape kit is that we have never seen one in the cannabis space. It is very easy to use and it is very simple. It is convenient to make your own cannabis oil mix as the whole process can be daunting. But it is so easy with this vape kit.

To get more information and to buy the O-pen Vape Fly Kit at Vapor.

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