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10 World Cities Where You Can Smoke Weed Legally

Travelers and tourists, who fancy #cannabis, may have to regard the legality of cannabis use in a particular country or city in their itinerary. This rings true to youngsters and adventurers who want to go interstate just so they can experience being a pothead for a day or two in a city or state where it is legal to smoke weed recreationally.

For those who want to go outside the country during Spring Break, there are places in Europe where you can smoke marijuana in certain places together with your friends and other foreign strangers who can become your friends.

But how about other countries where smoking weed gains certain notoriety as the popularity of their landmarks?

The thing is there are just a few countries where we can add to the list because cannabis is still illegal in almost all nations. That may be a sad truth but those with legal standing, they can benefit from the tourism benefits as many cannabis users are growing in numbers.

Despite the legal status, there are also restrictions that you have to know especially in the weight of cannabis you can possess. So even though you think that marijuana can help you gain wisdom, it is still wise to be in the know in legal matters.

Despite the federal status of cannabis in America, the country still holds the number of cities which can hold cannabis enthusiasts and tourists for cultural and private pot sessions.

Canada now joins this list at number 11 when they legalized marijuana last Oct. 2018.

1. Denver

While other cities are still setting up pot shops for their medical marijuana cardholders, Denver already has numerous dispensaries to hold a plethora of marijuana strains for recreational users.  It is the city with flourishing cannabis seed banks in the United States.

In a state that lures people from other states to experience the cannabis culture through relevant ad campaigns, Denver has the clear advantage of being at the top of the cannabis game. You can see that through the several pot shops and various cannabis events being held in the city.

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The numerous cannabis carnivals and events, aside from its pot shops, have made Denver attractive to interstaters, who desire to experience the city and to get that proverbial high even from a strain, which they are not totally familiar with.

Denver is indeed a Mile High city, not only in altitude but also in the quest to get high.

2. Montevideo, Uruguay

Despite possible discrimination to international tourists who want to smoke pot in the city, this Uruguayan capital is still a place to fancy when you wish to be in South America and want to at least get smoke from a generous local who can share a joint with you.

Worth noting is that Uruguay is the only country in the world where you can smoke cannabis legally for medical and recreational purposes. But, as mentioned, it only prioritizes its citizens. Here’s hoping that there may be changes on that soon as they regard the possible increase in tourism receipts if they open shops for international cannabis tourists.

3. Portland, Oregon

Oregon is the first state to decriminalize cannabis in 1972. But decades before that, cannabis was completely legal until 1935 when a group of insolent, arrogant jerks pushed the passing of the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act.

Portland is at the center of the cannabis culture in the Oregon state and it holds the advantage of having the liveliest cannabis counterculture activities in America.

4. Seattle

Our readers want this city to be included as among the cannabis capital cities in America. And we have to agree because this city also holds one of the largest cannabis consumers in the country.

Washington, being of the few states with the legal status of cannabis in medical and recreational, has a fair advantage. The number of pot shops and the lively cannabis festivals comparable to that of Portland makes this city a place to visit for cannabis tourists.

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Many cannabis consumers go to Seattle HEMPFEST to experience the cultural color revolving around cannabis.

5. Barcelona

Cannabis clubs in the Spanish city are notorious as they can be. Even if Spain has polarizing attitudes towards the sale of cannabis, it has numerous clubs dedicated to cannabis users.

And speaking of Spain, which is among the most visited countries in the world, the sights and experiences in cannabis clubs are just additives in their campaigns to lure more tourists. But for cannabis users, it would be a great advantage as the city not only offers the cultural sights but also the venues where they can be themselves while they get high.

Aside from Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are other cities in Spain where you can visit cannabis clubs.

6. Amsterdam

Where Spain is famous for cannabis clubs, Netherland has popular coffee shops serving cannabis in their menu.

Amsterdam is a popular European city, which gains notoriety for its coffee shops. But for cannabis tourists, these are what made the city very popular for those who want to relax and to experience the jolly high fun.

Despite the recent news of its oldest coffee shop closing down, Amsterdam still holds many coffee shops where tourists can choose or can even do cafe-hopping if they so desire.

7. Las Vegas

Sin City adds cannabis as its tourism attraction aside from the casinos and flamboyantly-lit shops and theaters. Noting that Nevada is among the states where medical and recreational cannabis uses are legal, Las Vegas capitalizes this advantage to attract a growing number of cannabis users and tourists.

8. San Francisco

San Francisco’s eccentric culture is among the attractions of this beautiful city. Count cannabis as one of the factors making tourists want to experience bizarre fun and culturally eye-opening sights.

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As for cannabis culture, the city is currently the host of the International Cannabis Business Conference happening this Feb. 17. So, it’s just one of the reasons why San Francisco is the place visit if you want to experience the high with the love of culture.

9. Ibiza

This is a famous party place in Europe. We really intend to separate it from Barcelona on the list because this is where people can also get high from cannabis.

If you get a hint from Mike Posner’s song “I took a pill in Ibiza”, then you surely have the idea now of what this tropical paradise can offer to its tourists.

The Ibiza is not just about the island in Spain. It is also about the town and city, which makes it valid to be included in the list. Also, as with other Spanish towns and cities, Ibiza has its cannabis clubs.

10. Washington, DC

Can we include DC as the cannabis capital of America aside from being the nation’s official capital?

We can certainly do that despite the conservative nature of the city is the home of the US Congress. DC is among the most liberal cities in America but do we have to be careful in smoking anywhere in this city?

Well, we should because it is where the powerful people in America hold their legislative duties and, of course, the seat of the nation’s head.


As cited, many of the cities here are in America. There is one in South America and 3 in Europe. Although we want to expand this list, we also have to consider the city’s tourism potential. So far, these cities have been visited because of their cannabis tourism or the potential for holding cannabis tourists. Even Montevideo is included because we believe in its potential to be the capital city of a country with the most liberal view on cannabis.

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