Thursday, August 11, 2022

Dank Fung Review: The Tantalizing Connoisseur Vape

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You know you’ve accomplished extreme smoking status when you get the new Dank Fung Connoisseur vaporizer.

This beautifully made imaginative Connoisseur vape pen highlights automatic temperature technology that emphasizes flavor and moderates extracts. It is a wax and extract vaporizer.

With this Dank Fung Connoisseur vaporizer, you can pre-set at your optimal temperature for an enhanced flavor profile and durable satisfaction. 

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The Dank Fung CONNOISSEUR Kit includes:

– DFE Ceramic Wax Atomizer 

– 900 mAh Connoisseur Pulsing Vape Battery

– Premium dabber tool

– Micro USB Charge Cable

– User Manual

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Features and Specifications

  • Pre-set at the ideal temperature for flavor profile and long-lasting enjoyment
  • Top-down air flow engineering allows for ideal vaporization and best flavor while also preventing overflow
  • All ceramic, extra wide and deep bowl 
  • Sleek palm-sized shape for comfort and concealment
  • Battery has a 510 thread, and when used with a disposable cart, the Connoisseur battery improves the cartridge’s performance
  • Works with all forms of extract, and performs especially well with rosin

The Dank Fung Connoisseur vape pen is now a blockbuster and a 2018 High Times award winner.  

We found this pen very innovative as it features self-regulating temperature. It is sleek and portable.

The unique thing about the Dank Fung Connoisseur vape pen is it’s all ceramic, additionally wide and profound bowl which works with all types of concentrate, and performs particularly well with rosin.

More imperatively the Dank Fung Connoisseur has a 510 threaded Battery which enhances the cartridge’s execution when used with a dispensable cart.

One thing you shouldn’t do with the Connoisseur vape pen is to dry fire the atomizer when utilizing it for your first time, the clay surface needs oil to “season”. 

Enjoy great flavors with the Dank Fung Connoisseur vape pen.

To know more about this beautiful and sleek vape, go to

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