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Stokes Confections Review: Healthy Edibles for You

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Stokes Confections






Quality and Performance






What We Love

  • Glutten free! Delicious and very tasty. Different flavors and varieties to choose from
  • Microdosing and accurate dosing in every piece
  • Child-proof containers, tamper resistant
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Good quality ingredients used in their edibles. Some are sugar free

Stokes Confections @GetStokes215 is created for people who consume and depend on cannabis every day to help them cope with their debilitating ailments, as well as anyone who has had problematic experiences with edibles that are infused. Stokes Confections are healthy edibles for you.

When the company is researching the edibles market, the founders found out that products available in the market are not consistently dosed and do not use ingredients that are naturally and responsibly sourced.

This is why the company made sure the Stokes Confections products taste amazing, but more importantly, give you cannabinoids in functional as well as precise formats, allowing patients and overall consumers to use these products confidently without worries or fear of getting adverse reactions.

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But even the first-time consumers of edibles would benefit from the company, aside from those looking for products that have ideal dosage options that match the accuracy and even the efficient delivery of available pharmaceutical products.


stokes confections review

Chocolate Truffle Edibles

The company’s ganache-filled truffles are available in a huge array of artisanally-flavored fillings that come in the delicious dark as well as milk chocolate shells.

These products are created in a topnotch facility made.

Aside from consistently-dosed, these products are always lab tested, aside from the fact that they are absolutely delicious and gluten-free, which may be ideal for those who have major dietary restrictions.


The company comes in different flavors, including:

– Milk chocolate caramel.
– Milk chocolate peanut butter
– Dark chocolate creme de menthe

Gluten-free, Stokes Truffles are composed of all-natural ingredients including cacao and are available in various varieties of milk and dark chocolate flavors that have peanut butter, sea salt caramel, cherry almond, raspberry, and creme de menth.

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The company’s amazing chocolate truffles are available in dispensaries across California and other states.





Micros offer a low-dose of THC0infused edibles. Micros come in a wide array of all-natural, sugar-free, and delicious, flavors, including:

– Mint (Sativa)
– Watermelon (hybrid)
– Tangerine cream (hybrid)
– Honey lemon ginger (indica)

These mild products include mints that give you a distinct body buzz as well as unwind stress.

Stokes Confections are made for those who rely on cannabis on a daily basis for their needs and ailments, as well as those who have major dietary requirements.


Now the best part of their edibles is that the dosing is accurate and consistent in every piece.

You don’t have to second guess if you are taking too much or not.

As always, start low with one piece and wait for 30-60 minutes or even 90 minutes.

The edibles of Stokes Confections taste outstandingly good but also provide users with health benefits that make them stand out in the market.

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They are delicious, gluten-free and gives you a mild high.


Clearly, I can tell that the ingredients used are of high quality.

They don’t have that “weed” aftertaste that other edibles have.

We loved all their edibles!

The chocolate truffles and the mints are very tasty.

My favorite is the milk chocolate caramel, while our technical director’s favorite is the creme de menthe.

For more information, go to


stokes confections


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