Seven Various Ways to Smoke Cannabis

smoke cannabis

Do you want to get the most out of cannabis? You have to smoke weed the right way. Fortunately, different methods are available for cannabis smokers. Before selecting a method, it is essential to check the pros and cons.

To choose the best method, first, ask what you really need. These methods are suitable even for smooth and easy hits to big gulps. If it is difficult for you to choose a method, see these seven ways to smoke cannabis properly.

  1. Bong

A cannabis aficionado that enjoys massive hits can use bongs. It’s an excellent method to smoke weed. These are available in different sizes and shapes. Remember, bongs provide the most smoke in one hit.

The main advantage of this method is the water. Other than cooling off the smolder, the liquid acts as a useful filter by decreasing things, such as nicotine and resin. Moreover, you can make your bongs. Make sure to buy a high-quality piece.

From acrylic to glass, there are endless options. Bongs offer a bigger pipe to regular users of cannabis. It’s similar to a pipe to make smoking safe. If you need a healthy option, bongs can be suitable choices. You can smoke weed without excessive toxins to the lungs.

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  1. Glass Pipes

Glass pipes can be an excellent option to consume marijuana. These are portable and offer a secure method to smoke. You can buy these pipes in different styles and colors. Several exciting opportunities are available, such as these pipes may glow in the night or change colors while you smoke them.

They’re small and enable you to get nice hits. Consumers find them accessible because of their portability. If you need a method to get high, choose a glass pipe as per your needs. You can buy different options at a very economical price.

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  1. Vaporizer

A vaporizer or a vape is a good method to get high. With vapes, you can inhale the pure vapors of cannabis. In this method, you can avoid tar debris. Remember, vape pens maybe a healthy substitute for cigarettes.

Vape pens can decrease the temperature to convert them to liquid and gas from solid. The lower temperature can keep several active ingredients that may be destroyed while burning cannabis. With the help of vaping, you can be sure you’re preserving the good stuff.

Feel free to buy vape pens because these are available at different prices. These pens can work at a specific temperature to protect cannabinoids: CBG, CBD, THC, and more. You may find them expensive as compared to other options.

For a regular user of marijuana, a vape may be an excellent investment in the long run. A casual dabbler of marijuana can use less expensive methods.

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  1. Apple Pipe

A fruit lover can add some fruit into his/her smoking session. It can be a convenient and creative way for smokers. You may find it odd, but this method is famous for consuming cannabis. Remember, you can easily make an apple pipe.

Take an apple and carve one bowl at its top. Make sure to design one chamber for the smoke to roll through that is accessible by coring out the apple. After this process, you can create a hole on the other side to smoke marijuana. Dry this bowl and you are done with your apple pipe. Your smoke will taste exceptional after getting a flavor of apple.

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  1. Joint

Each cannabis enthusiast understands the importance of joints. These are affordable methods to consume marijuana. In joints, you can control the amount of weed. There is no need to worry about breaking the bank as smoking a joint doesn’t require much.

Based on the rolling papers, you can prepare natural and artificial joints. As compared to other methods of consuming cannabis, joints can’t be harsh. Feel free to show your creativity by creating a different variety of rolling joints, such as cones and crosses.

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  1. Smoke Blunts

Do you want to smoke cannabis without a pipe? Choose blunts because these are a suitable option for cigar lovers. These are emptied wrappings of cigars. You can fill these blunts with cannabis flowers. People prefer blunts to joints.

These are available in different flavors. You can use blunts to smoke weed in groups. As compared to joints, they burn slowly. Blunts may not work well if you want to smoke without smell. A spliff may help you to mask the weed’s smell without vapes and pipes.

As compared to joints, you can get stronger hits from blunts. This method can give you a headrush because of the tobacco. Remember, this method of mixing the tobacco is not suitable for your health because of the reasons for addiction and lung cancer.

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  1. Gravity Bongs

With a gravity bong, each stoner can consume cannabis. This method is dank to get you high without using a special stash. You can get these bongs in two designs:

  • Waterfall gravity bongs
  • Bucket gravity bongs

If you want to make a bucket bong, you will need a container or bottle and a bigger 2-liter bottle. Cut it in half and insert a water reservoir. Make one bowl using the cap of a bottle (2-liter).

Pack the bowl and slowly lift the bottle to trap the smoke inside. Make sure to avoid pulling the bottle from water or lose your smoke. To suck smoke of weed, remove the cap of the bottle, and enjoy smoking.

When smoking cannabis, you should keep a window open so that smoke can move directly away from the window. It’s a secure method to decrease extra smoke in your apartment or home. After smoking, keep this window open to circulate fresh air in your room.

Textiles and fabrics can hold the odor and smoke. If you smoke indoors often, your carpet and sofa can absorb the stale odor. For this reason, wash furniture, beddings and curtains regularly. It will help you to keep the smell away from you. A vacuum may help you to remove residual odor from your space quickly as well. Happy smoking!

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