420 Goody Box

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What We Love

  • Items in the box were necessary and super useful
  • Great value for your money
  • Quality Products from Known Brands
  • Discreet Delivery
  • 100% Guarantee or your money back

420 Goody Box Review

420 Goody Box is a subscription box service where every month they will deliver new products that are related to cannabis.

These products might be a mixture of edibles, vapes, glass pieces, rolling paper and other smoking goodies. 

Subscription boxes filled with cannabis-related goodies are sent to the states where it is legal. There are three types of subscriptions:


In this review, we will be talking about the middle subscription which is the 420 Goody Box. For those who smoke, the 420 Goody Box subscription is a good option.

This is filled with smoking gadgets, munchies and more. Expect 5 to 9 items that have a total value of about $45 to $85.

This 420 Goody Box subscription plan is $21.98 per month plus $6 Shipping & Handling.

What’s inside our 420 Goody Box?

The delivery man has no idea that what he is delivering because on the outside the box looks like an ordinary box but on the inside, it is a very swanky green box.

As it is a monthly subscription, the items that will be delivered will be different and varies every month, but rest assured, they maintain and vet the brands so the quality is good.

We love the surprise and the items in our box.

Our 420 Goody Box contained the following goodies:

420 goody box

  • Baby Bottle Glass Rig
  • Bee Wick Hemp Company
  • Lifted Glass Tip
  • Toke 78mm rolling unit
  • Rolling Paper
  • Candy and
  • Custom Sticker.

In their website, they are running a contest too.

Take a picture of your Goody Box and share it on your social media and you might get a chance to win their $300 Mega Goody box.

Value of the 420 Goody Box

Obviously, for cannabis lovers, anything related to smoking is considered awesome, but does the 420 Goody Box really give great value on their monthly subscription?

The answer is yes.

Every month they have a theme and they carefully vet the vendors to offer an awesome 420 Goody Box.

The vendors are known brands and the quality of the products are good. The value in our $21/month box was more than $50! We were very pleased with our goodies.

Discreet Shipping

The website of 420 Goody Box says that they dispatch the boxes on the 20th of every month and The Top Shelf Subscription box every 25th of the month.

They ship to USA, Canada and other parts of the world. The shipping is discreet and it looks like an ordinary box on the outside.

Our Final Thoughts

We like the 420 Goody Box. You get multiple subscription options when you subscribe to it. Shipping is discreet too!

Get one that fits your lifestyle. We love our 420 Goody Box at $21.98/month though we haven’t tried their Top Shelf Goody Box yet, and that seems to be the best subscription box.

We might try that next month.

To know more you can visit their website at http:/ www.420goodybox.com/

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